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2.05 announce msg
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The Glasgow Haskell Compiler -- version 2.05
We are pleased to announce a new release of the Glasgow Haskell
Compiler (GHC), version 2.05. Source distribution is freely available
via the World-Wide Web and through anon. FTP; details below.
Haskell is "the" standard lazy functional programming language; the
current language version is 1.4, agreed in April, 1997. Haskell
related information is available from the Haskell home page at
+ What's new
Release 2.05 represent work done through July '97. no changes at the
language or library level with respect to 2.04, but quite a few bug fixes
and several of the front passes in the compiler has been reworked
further and improved.
+ Mailing lists
We run mailing lists for GHC users and bug reports; to subscribe, send
mail to; the msg body should be:
subscribe glasgow-haskell-<which> Your Name <>
Please send bug reports about GHC to ; GHC
users hang out on
+ On-line GHC-related resources
Relevant URLs on the World-Wide Web:
GHC home page
Haskell home page
Glasgow FP group page
comp.lang.functional FAQ
+ How to get it
The easy way is to go to the WWW GHC distribution page, which should
be self-explanatory:
Once you have the distribution, please follow the pointers in the
README file to find all of the documentation about this release. NB:
preserve modification times when un-tarring the files (no `m' option
for tar, please)!
+ System requirements
To compile up this source-only release, you need a machine with 16+MB
memory, GNU C (`gcc'), `perl' plus a version of GHC installed (either
version 0.29 or 2.02 onwards). We have seen GHC work on these platforms:
* alpha-dec-osf2
* hppa1.1-hp-hpux{9,10}
* sparc-sun-{sunos4,solaris2}
* mips-sgi-irix{5,6}
* i386-unknown-{linux,solaris2,freebsd,cygwin32}.
* {rs6000,powerpc}-ibm-aix
Similar platforms should work with minimal hacking effort. The installer's
guide included in distribution gives a complete run-down of what-ports-work;
an on-line version can be found at
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