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DsExpr: Don't build/foldr huge lists

Desugaring long lists with build trades large static data for large
code, which is likely a poor trade-off. See #11707.

Test Plan: Validate, nofib

Reviewers: simonpj, austin

Reviewed By: austin

Subscribers: thomie

Differential Revision:

GHC Trac Issues: #11707
parent ba95f22e
......@@ -788,6 +788,12 @@ allocation in some nofib programs. Specifically
Of course, if rules aren't turned on then there is pretty much no
point doing this fancy stuff, and it may even be harmful.
Moreover, for large lists (with a dynamic prefix longer than maxBuildLength) we
choose not to perform this optimization as it will trade large static data for
large code, which is generally a poor trade-off. See #11707 and the
documentation for maxBuildLength.
=======> Note by SLPJ Dec 08.
I'm unconvinced that we should *ever* generate a build for an explicit
......@@ -803,10 +809,29 @@ We do not want to generate a build invocation on the LHS of this RULE!
We fix this by disabling rules in rule LHSs, and testing that
flag here; see Note [Desugaring RULE left hand sides] in Desugar
To test this I've added a (static) flag -fsimple-list-literals, which
To test this I've added a flag -fsimple-list-literals, which
makes all list literals be generated via the simple route.
{- | The longest list length which we will desugar using @build@.
This is essentially a magic number and its setting is unfortunate rather
arbitrary. The idea here, as mentioned in Note [Desugaring explicit lists],
is to avoid deforesting large static data into large(r) code. Ideally we'd
want a smaller threshold with larger consumers and vice-versa, but we have no
way of knowing what will be consuming our list in the desugaring impossible to
set generally correctly.
The effect of reducing this number will be that 'build' fusion is applied
less often. From a runtime performance perspective, applying 'build' more
liberally on "moderately" sized lists should rarely hurt and will often it can
only expose further optimization opportunities; if no fusion is possible it will
eventually get rule-rewritten back to a list). We do, however, pay in compile
maxBuildLength :: Int
maxBuildLength = 32
dsExplicitList :: Type -> Maybe (SyntaxExpr Id) -> [LHsExpr Id]
-> DsM CoreExpr
-- See Note [Desugaring explicit lists]
......@@ -815,6 +840,8 @@ dsExplicitList elt_ty Nothing xs
; xs' <- mapM dsLExpr xs
; let (dynamic_prefix, static_suffix) = spanTail is_static xs'
; if gopt Opt_SimpleListLiterals dflags -- -fsimple-list-literals
|| length dynamic_prefix > maxBuildLength
-- Don't generate builds if the list is very long.
|| not (gopt Opt_EnableRewriteRules dflags) -- Rewrite rules off
-- Don't generate a build if there are no rules to eliminate it!
-- See Note [Desugaring RULE left hand sides] in Desugar
......@@ -722,12 +722,13 @@ test('T9872d',
[ only_ways(['normal']),
compiler_stats_num_field('bytes allocated',
[(wordsize(64), 745044392, 5),
[(wordsize(64), 519436672, 5),
# 2015-01-12 807117816 Initally created
# 2015-spring 772510192 Got better
# 2015-05-22 663978160 Fix for #10370 improves it more
# 2015-10-28 708680480 x86_64/Linux Emit Typeable at definition site
# 2015-12-17 745044392 x86_64/Darwin Creep upwards
# 2016-03-20 519436672 x64_64/Linux Don't use build desugaring for large lists (D2007)
(wordsize(32), 375647160, 5)
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