Commit c2dcbe16 authored by sof's avatar sof
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[project @ 1997-07-25 22:47:18 by sof]

read scc labels to de-escape them
parent e5eeb527
......@@ -411,9 +411,21 @@ lex_scc buf =
-- let grp_name = lexemeToFastString buf'' in
case untilChar# (stepOn (stepOverLexeme buf')) '\"'# of
buf'' ->
let cc_name = lexemeToFastString buf'' in
(mkUserCC cc_name mod_name _NIL_{-grp_name-},
stepOn (stepOverLexeme buf''))
-- The label may contain arbitrary characters, so it
-- may have been escaped etc., hence we `read' it in to get
-- rid of these meta-chars in the string and then pack it (again.)
-- ToDo: do the same for module name (single quotes allowed in m-names).
-- BTW, the code in this module is totally gruesome..
let upk_label = _UNPK_ (lexemeToFastString buf'') in
case reads ('"':upk_label++"\"") of
((cc_label,_):_) ->
let cc_name = _PK_ cc_label in
(mkUserCC cc_name mod_name _NIL_{-grp_name-},
stepOn (stepOverLexeme buf''))
_ ->
trace ("trouble lexing scc label: " ++ upk_label ++ " , ignoring")
(mkUserCC _NIL_ mod_name _NIL_{-grp_name-},
stepOn (stepOverLexeme buf''))
case prefixMatch (stepOn buf) "CAF:" of
Just buf' ->
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