Commit cfad1978 authored by sof's avatar sof
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[project @ 1997-08-03 02:16:28 by sof]

derivingOccurrences: added occurrence info (return and zero) for Ix
parent 1db3e1fe
......@@ -494,7 +494,12 @@ deriving_occ_info
showParen_RDR, showSpace_RDR, showList___RDR])
, (readClassKey, [intTyCon_RDR, numClass_RDR, ordClass_RDR, append_RDR,
lex_RDR, readParen_RDR, readList___RDR])
, (ixClassKey, [intTyCon_RDR, numClass_RDR, and_RDR, map_RDR, enumFromTo_RDR])
, (ixClassKey, [intTyCon_RDR, numClass_RDR, and_RDR, map_RDR, enumFromTo_RDR,
returnM_RDR, zeroM_RDR])
-- the last two are needed to force returnM, thenM and zeroM
-- in before typechecking the list(monad) comprehension
-- generated for derived Ix instances (range method)
-- of single constructor types. -- SOF 8/97
-- intTyCon: Practically any deriving needs Int, either for index calculations,
-- or for taggery.
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