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Test #7484 in th/T7484

parent 6d404707
{-# LANGUAGE TemplateHaskell #-}
module T7484 where
import Language.Haskell.TH
$( return [ ValD (VarP (mkName "a ")) (NormalB (LitE (IntegerL 5))) [] ] )
Illegal variable name: ‘a ’
When splicing a TH declaration: a = 5
......@@ -343,3 +343,4 @@ test('T9066', normal, compile, ['-v0'])
test('T8100', normal, compile, ['-v0'])
test('T9064', normal, compile, ['-v0'])
test('T9209', normal, compile_fail, ['-v0'])
test('T7484', expect_broken(7484), compile_fail, ['-v0'])
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