Commit e43f05b6 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones

Add comments from Trac #12768

parent a977c965
......@@ -1591,6 +1591,33 @@ The type checker checks this code, and it currently requires
so ew have to switch that flag on locally in TcDeriv.genInst.
See #8503 for more discussion.
Note [Newtype-deriving trickiness]
Consider (Trac #12768):
class C a where { op :: D a => a -> a }
instance C a => C [a] where { op = opList }
opList :: (C a, D [a]) => [a] -> [a]
opList = ...
Now suppose we try GND on this:
newtype N a = MkN [a] deriving( C )
The GND is expecting to get an implementation of op for N by
coercing opList, thus:
instance C a => C (N a) where { op = opN }
opN :: (C a, D (N a)) => N a -> N a
opN = coerce @(D [a] => [a] -> [a])
@(D (N a) => [N a] -> [N a]
But there is no reason to suppose that (D [a]) and (D (N a))
are inter-coercible; these instances might completely different.
So GHC rightly rejects this code.
gen_Newtype_binds :: SrcSpan
......@@ -1636,6 +1663,7 @@ mkCoerceClassMethEqn :: Class -- the class being derived
-> Id -- the method to look at
-> Pair Type
-- See Note [Newtype-deriving instances]
-- See also Note [Newtype-deriving trickiness]
-- The pair is the (from_type, to_type), where to_type is
-- the type of the method we are tyrying to get
mkCoerceClassMethEqn cls inst_tvs inst_tys rhs_ty id
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