Commit e8bf33e7 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Add 6.8 branch output for break003

parent ecc7374c
......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ test('print027', normal, ghci_script, ['print027.script'])
test('break001', normal, ghci_script, ['break001.script'])
test('break002', normal, ghci_script, ['break002.script'])
test('break003', normal, ghci_script, ['break003.script'])
test('break003', namebase_if_compiler_lt('ghc','6.9', 'break003-6.8'), ghci_script, ['break003.script'])
test('break005', normal, ghci_script, ['break005.script'])
test('break006', normal, ghci_script, ['break006.script'])
test('break007', normal, ghci_script, ['break007.script'])
No instance for (Show (t -> a))
arising from a use of `print' at <interactive>:1:0
Possible fix: add an instance declaration for (Show (t -> a))
In the expression: print it
In a 'do' expression: print it
Breakpoint 0 activated at ../Test3.hs:2:17-30
Stopped at ../Test3.hs:2:17-30
_result :: [a] = _
f :: t -> a = _
x :: t = _
xs :: [t] = [_]
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