Commit eafa06dc authored by Matthew Pickering's avatar Matthew Pickering

Revert "Mark rn017 and T7672 as expect_broken(#12930) with -DDEBUG"

This reverts commit 19ae1423.
parent 6e4188ab
......@@ -26,7 +26,6 @@ test('rn012',
test('rn013', normal, compile, [''])
when(compiler_debugged(), expect_broken(12930)),
extra_clean(['RnAux017.hi', 'RnAux017.o',
'RnAux017.hi-boot', 'RnAux017.o-boot'])],
......@@ -213,8 +212,7 @@ test('T7167', normal, compile, [''])
test('T7336', expect_broken(7336), compile, ['-Wall'])
test('T2435', normal, multimod_compile, ['T2435','-v0'])
test('T7672', when(compiler_debugged(), expect_broken(12930)),
multimod_compile, ['T7672','-v0'])
test('T7672', normal, multimod_compile, ['T7672','-v0'])
[extra_clean(['T7963a.hi', 'T7963a.o',
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