Commit ebfe11e7 authored by simonm's avatar simonm
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[project @ 1997-12-22 11:42:08 by simonm]

print idinfo with a BigCoreBinder.
parent 6df3befb
......@@ -423,7 +423,11 @@ Other printing bits-and-bobs used with the general @pprCoreBinding@
and @pprCoreExpr@ functions.
pprBigCoreBinder sty binder = pprTypedCoreBinder sty binder
pprBigCoreBinder sty binder
= vcat [pragmas,
pprTypedCoreBinder sty binder]
pragmas = ppIdInfo sty False{-no specs, thanks-} (getIdInfo binder)
pprBabyCoreBinder sty binder
= hsep [ppr sty binder, pp_strictness]
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