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Document hithertoo undocumented HPCTIXFILE option.

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......@@ -1292,7 +1292,8 @@ case :file:`Recip.tix`, which contains the coverage data for this run of the
program. The program may be run multiple times (e.g. with different test
data), and the coverage data from the separate runs is accumulated in
the ``.tix`` file. To reset the coverage data and start again, just
remove the ``.tix`` file.
remove the ``.tix`` file. You can control where the ``.tix`` file
is generated using the environment variable :envvar:`HPCTIXFILE`.
Having run the program, we can generate a textual summary of coverage:
......@@ -1532,8 +1533,10 @@ Caveats and Shortcomings of Haskell Program Coverage
HPC does not attempt to lock the ``.tix`` file, so multiple concurrently
running binaries in the same directory will exhibit a race condition.
There is no way to change the name of the ``.tix`` file generated, apart
from renaming the binary. HPC does not work with GHCi.
At compile time, there is no way to change the name of the ``.tix`` file generated;
at runtime, the name of the generated ``.tix`` file can be changed
using :envvar:`HPCTIXFILE`; the name of the ``.tix`` file
will also change if you rename the binary. HPC does not work with GHCi.
.. _ticky-ticky:
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