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......@@ -32,6 +32,12 @@ All build artifacts are put under `_build`, which we refer to as the build root.
The resulting GHC is built in the default flavour. You can use the `--flavour=<flavour name>` flag to build with any other flavour, such as `devel2`, `perf`, `prof`, `quick`, `quickest` to name just a few; see [`hadrian/doc/`]( for more details about each flavour. To learn about defining your own flavours or customizing existing ones, see [`hadrian/doc/`](
## Subsequent Builds
To speed up subsequent builds, you will often want to avoid rebuilding the stage 1 compiler by passing `--freeze1` to `hadrian/build`.
After pulling upstream changes, you may need to update the submodules via `git submodule update --recursive --remote`.
## Going further
- You can see a summary of Hadrian's features in [its README](
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