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Mention compare-ticks

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......@@ -81,6 +81,8 @@ Here is what I do:
The column to focus on initially is `Alloc`, which gives the bytes allocated by the code fragment named under `STG Name`. I generally sort both files by the `Alloc` column (using Unix command `sort -k2 -nr` on that region).
bgamari/ghc-utils> contains a [utility]( for comparing ticky output from multiple runs.
- If your change is small, the two tables will look pretty similar, so you can just run your eye down until you find a difference. Then go look in `x2n1.dump` for the unique (e.g `r6vW`) in the `STG Name`. Look initially in the `STG Syntax` dump, but having found the right place I generally back up to the `Tidy Core` section which is far more readable.
- Now you can compare the two sections of Core code.
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