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- #18202, #18231: eta expansion
- #18238: state hack
- #18154: CPR for data con apps
- #18049, !3087: pick up `EvVar`s in `HsWrapper`s for long-distance info
- Needs a more lazy approach, but it's a bit tricky to do so without losing
sharing. It's on my radar.
- Also related: #17676, !2525; and #5775, #3207:
- !3014: Precise exceptions in DmdAnal
- I think we should go for the `ExnOrDiv` only solution, see the three
consecutive posts in
- TODO: Now that we have a prototype for Nested CPR, check out if `T13380e`
really is a problem!
- #17900, !3013: primop traits
- #1600, !1866: Nested CPR
- !2938: Detecting redundant bangs: A new extension for LYGs! Inspires need for unlifted types.
- #18249: Support for unlifted types in PmCheck
- Solution: Add PmCtNotBot at *binding sites*
- We lack a way to identify them reliably, because we didn't need to
- It's the same mechanism we use for strict fields
- So we have to add constraints when
1. we start the pattern match checker and we initialise Deltas, for the match variables
2. We `checkGrdTree` a `PmLet` guard for the bound thing
3. We add a `PmCon` guard for the field bindings
- The latter case overlaps with what we do for strict fields in the oracle
(`mkOneConFull` etc.). Now we should also do the same for unlifted fields.
It feels wrong to duplicate the logic between the checker invokation, `checkGrdTree` and the oracle.
- #17900, !3013: primop effects
- #18174, !1866: Nested CPR
- See below
- #17673: Eta-expansion, WW and NOINLINE, #17690: WW for coercions
- Far future: Have one unified WW for eta expansion (based on `CoreArity`),
coercions (no analysis info needed) and unboxing (Strictness/CPR)?
- I think Arity analysis and CPR analysis share the same underlying
principle: Unwrap constructors (/ lambdas!) while it is still cheap doing so.
Maybe we could unify this into one transformation that does eta-expansion, CPR
expansion and coercion expansion at the same time?
- #17881, #17896: eta reduction based on Demand
......@@ -33,12 +26,7 @@
Main ticket: #18174, MR !1866.
- CPR of DataCon wrappers
- Possibly relevant if re-exported (but maybe not, stuff only cancels away if
we inline everything)
- Hard to infer Nested CPR without actually calling the analysis on the RHS.
But impact of import cycle would probably be huge.
- Maybe just top-level `#c1(*)`?
- #18154: CPR of DataCon wrappers (see above)
- `divergeCpr` is strange, but probably correct
- We never really use `botCpr` (no well-typed expr will ever have this as a
denotation!), thus we don't export it.
......@@ -93,8 +81,6 @@ Those with an MR actually have code.
## Roadblocks
- Nested CPR of DataCon wrappers needs to look at RHS of wrapper (think of `data T = T !(Int, Int)`)
- Do nested CPR for KindReps/TypeReps/Modules? Horrendeous signatures in T7360 and T8274, but stats only improve overall
- T9291: unsafePtrEquality checks for STG CSE
- `bar x = (Right x, Right x)` gets CPR'd, `$wbar x = (# x, x #)` can't CSE at call site. Fixed testcase with `lazy`, but is that the right thing to do?
- integerConstantFolding: `CONSTANT_FOLDED` on `decodeDoubleInteger`, but gets WW'd because of nested `Int64`
......@@ -133,6 +119,7 @@ Those with an MR actually have code.
- Why? What's needed? A formal Specification? Which part? Static or dynamic semantics?
- Also how much? Whole pattern language or just enough of a fragment to explain or patterns?
- I see there is as a starting point, but it seems to focus entirely on static semantics. But probably the document to complete?
- We talked about it; it's a matter of pushing the proposal forward rather than investing actual elbow grease into an impl.
- !2218 Unlifted data types
- Wait for BoxedRep !2249
......@@ -141,9 +128,3 @@ Those with an MR actually have code.
- !1427: Separate CPR
- !2192: Reflect tree structure of clauses and gaurds in the syntax we check.
- #17270: `Origin` annotations should be consistent about TH
- Faintly related: #14838, #14899. Should we warn about TH? Probably guard it behind a flag. Off by default? SG thinks so. This code is generated potentially in another library by a different user. Also compiler performance
- #17248, #17376, !1975: Get rid of the special case for `-XEmptyCase`. Fix handling of newtypes because of testsuite failures. Some ground work for proper non-void constraint handling.
- #17357: Fix strictness of pattern synonyms. We came to the agreement that it's not worth the trouble and most useful pattern synonyms are strict anyway.
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