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This is the INSTALL instructions for a binary distribution of one of
the fptools projects. For more details on what on earth this package
is up to, please consult the README and ANNOUNCE.
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To start using the bundle, you can either:

* use it in-place, i.e., don't go ahead with a
  full install, but just set it up to use the unpacked
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  distribution in-situ.
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* get it over with, and do the full install (details of how are ahead).

NOTE Win32 users: see comment below before continuing.

To set the ball rolling, run the configure script (as usual, run
the script with --help to see what options it supports).

This will figure out what platform you're running on, and a couple of other
interesting pieces of trivia, which it will then fill in the
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template to give you a real Makefile. 

[Win32 users: don't be alarmed if you should encounter the following
 message from the configure script:
      not updating unwritable cache ./config.cache

This is a known problem of generated autoconf configure scripts running
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on cygwin, but harmless (it only means you get to re-do all the configure
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tests should you decide to re-run the script.)
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Have a look at the Makefile to see if you agree with the information
therein. If you want to use the bundle in-place, now run:
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	make in-place

If you're installing,  run

	make install 

(`make show-install-setup' prints the details of where the different
pieces of the bundle are heading when -- possibly helpful).

GHC's installation instructions have more information, check out
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Bug reports/suggestions for improvement to the installation procedure/setup
(as well as other GHC related troubles you're experiencing, of course),
gratefully received at
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