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    [project @ 1999-11-29 12:02:42 by keithw] · 0ee48772
    keithw authored
    This commit adds the new RTS option `-xc', which prints the current
    cost-centre stack to stderr whenever an exception is raised.  This is
    intended to be a debugging tool, to help trace those "Prelude.head:
    empty list" errors that are so frustrating to find.
    `-xc' is only available for programs compiled with -prof, and you
    probably want -auto as well to get useful information.
    This is currently experimental; it would be better if it only
    displayed the info for *uncaught* exceptions, but this is harder to
    This commit also makes an OFTEL-inspired extension to the RTS option
    space.  Since we've almost run out of options, `-x' is now reserved
    for `extended' options.  `-xc' is the first of these, but that leaves
    '-x[0-9A-Zabd-wyz]' still to be used!  The prefix `-xx' is reserved
    for future extension.
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