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    PredType for type constraints in the pattern match checker instead of EvVar · 1ea8c451
    Sebastian Graf authored
    Using EvVars for capturing type constraints implied side-effects in DsM
    when we just wanted to *construct* type constraints.
    But giving names to type constraints is only necessary when passing
    Givens to the type checker, of which the majority of the pattern match
    checker should be unaware.
    Thus, we simply generate `newtype TyCt = TyCt PredType`, which are
    nicely stateless. But at the same time this means we have to allocate
    EvVars when we want to query the type oracle! So we keep the type oracle
    state as `newtype TyState = TySt (Bag EvVar)`, which nicely makes a
    distinction between new, unchecked `TyCt`s and the inert set in
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