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    [project @ 1998-02-02 17:27:26 by simonm] · 28139aea
    simonm authored
    Library re-organisation:
    All libraries now live under ghc/lib, which has the following structure:
    	ghc/lib/std    		--  all prelude files 		(libHS.a)
    	ghc/lib/exts		-- standard Hugs/GHC extensions (libHSexts.a)
    				-- available with '-fglasgow-exts'
    	ghc/lib/posix		-- POSIX library                (libHSposix.a)
    	ghc/lib/posix/cbits     -- available with '-syslib posix'
    	ghc/lib/misc		-- used to be hslibs/ghc	(libHSmisc.a)
    	ghc/lib/misc/cbits	-- available with '-syslib misc'
    	ghc/lib/concurrent	-- Concurrent libraries		(libHSconc.a)
    				-- available with '-concurrent'
    Also, several non-standard prelude modules had their names changed to begin
    with 'Prel' to reduce namespace pollution.
    	Addr      ==> PrelAddr     (Addr interface available in 'exts')
    	ArrBase   ==> PrelArr
    	CCall     ==> PrelCCall    (CCall interface available in 'exts')
    	ConcBase  ==> PrelConc
    	GHCerr    ==> PrelErr
    	Foreign   ==> PrelForeign  (Foreign interface available in 'exts')
    	GHC       ==> PrelGHC
    	IOHandle  ==> PrelHandle
    	IOBase    ==> PrelIOBase
    	GHCmain   ==> PrelMain
    	STBase    ==> PrelST
    	Unsafe    ==> PrelUnsafe
    	UnsafeST  ==> PrelUnsafeST