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    [project @ 1999-04-13 08:55:33 by kglynn] · 30b5b5cc
    kglynn authored
    Big Bang introduction of CPR Analysis Pass.  Note that now
    -fstrictness only does the strictness analysis phase,  it is necessary
    to follow this with -fworker-wrapper to actually do the required Core
    transformations. The -O option in the ghc driver script has been
    modified appropriately.
    For now,  CPR analysis is turned off.  To try it,  insert a
    -fcpr_analyse between the -fstrictness and the -fworker-wrapper
    Misc. comments:
    - The worker flag has been removed from an ID's StrictnessInfo field.
    Now the worker info is an extra field in the Id's prag info.
    - We do a nested CPR analysis,  but worker-wrapper only looks at the
    info for the outermost constructor,  else laziness can be lost.
    - Id's CPR Info in traces and interfaces file follows __M
    - Worker-wrappery transformation now accounts for both strictness and
    CPR analysis results.