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    [project @ 1999-01-14 17:58:41 by sof] · 3160f854
    sof authored
    Assorted minor Haskell 98 changes:
      * Maximal munch rule for "--" comments
      * _ as lower-case letter, "_" is a reserved id. Prefixing unused
        variable names in patterns with '_' causes the renamer not to
        report such names as being unused.
      * allow empty decls
      * comprehensions are now list comprehensions, not monadic.
      * use Monad.fail to signal pattern matching errors within
        do expressions.
      * remove record punning.
      * empty contexts are now legal  (go wild!)
      * allow records with no fields
      * allow newtypes with a labelled field
      * default default is now (Integer, Double)
      * turn off defaulting mechanism for args & res to a _ccall_.
      * allow LHSs of the form  (a -.- b) x = ...
      * Main.main can now have type (IO a)
      * nuked Void (and its use in the compiler sources.)
      * deriving machinery for Enum now also generate 'succ' and 'pred'
        method bindings.