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    [project @ 1998-02-25 19:48:54 by sof] · 33362962
    sof authored
    Interface file version checking support. Added a compiler version field
    to the interface file header. The format is now
      _interface_ <IfaceName> <ModuleVersion> <CompilerVersion>
    where the compiler version follow the value of $(ProjectVersionInt).
    Any mismatch in version numbers causes the renamer to give up.
    A compiler version number of 0 means turn off version checking (used
    by PrelGHC.hi to avoid having to update every time we release.)
    .hi-boot files are treated specially, the absence of a compiler
    version number in the header is taken to mean that there was a `0'.
    Need to do this since hsc's .hi-boot files have to also be useable
    by versions of the compiler that don't grok version info in interface
    files (e.g., ghc-2.10.)
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