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    Various cleanups and improvements to the breakpoint support · 38e7ac3f
    Simon Marlow authored
      - move parts of the debugger implementation below the GHC API where
        they belong.  There is still more in Debugger that violates the
        layering, hopefully I'll get to that later.
      - instead of returning an IO action from runStmt for resuming,
        return a ResumeHandle that is passed to GHC.resume.
      - breakpoints now return [Name] which is displayed in the same
        way as when a binding statement is executed.
      - :load, :add, :reload now clear the active breakpoints and context
      - :break gives a sensible error when used on a non-interpreted module
      - export breakpoint-related types from GHC
      - remove a bunch of layer-violating imports from InteractiveUI
      - remove some more vestiges of the old breakpoint code (topLevel in
        the GHCi state).
      - remove TickTree and use a simple array instead, cached per module
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