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    [project @ 2002-01-31 11:18:06 by sof] · 3b9c5eb2
    sof authored
    First steps towards implementing better interop between
    Concurrent Haskell and native threads.
    - factored out Capability handling into a separate source file
      (only the SMP build uses multiple capabilities tho).
    - factored out OS/native threads handling into a separate
      source file, OSThreads.{c,h}. Currently, just a pthreads-based
      implementation; Win32 version to follow.
    - scheduler code now distinguishes between multi-task threaded
      code (SMP) and single-task threaded code ('threaded RTS'),
      but sharing code between these two modes whenever poss.
    i.e., just a first snapshot; the bulk of the transitioning code
    remains to be implemented.
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