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    Docs: make sure all libs are included in index.html (#10879) · 48746fff
    thomie authored
    During the build, when HADDOCK_DOCS=YES, the command 'cd libraries && sh
    gen_contents_index --intree' is run, which calls haddock to generate the
    haddock index at 'libraries/dist-haddock/index.html'.
    What it did before was check the ./packages file for all libraries. The
    problem is that 'base' and 'ghc-prim' were folded into the main repo
    some time ago, hence don't have an entry in the ./packages file anymore.
    As a result, 'base' and 'ghc-prim' were missing from the index.html
    It now simply runs haddock on all the all the `.haddock` files in the
    libraries directory.
    The only risk is that this could include the extra libraries in the
    index.html, if you ever built them in the past (with
    BUILD_EXTRA_PKGS=YES), even though now you want to exclude them (with
    BUILD_EXTRA_PKGS=NO). gen_contents_index doesn't have access to build
    system variables though (PACKAGES_STAGE1+PACKAGES_STAGE2), so fixing
    this would be a little bit fiddly.
    Test Plan:
    'make libraries/dist-haddock/index.html && grep -q base
    libraries/dist-haddock/index.html && echo ok'
    Reviewed by: austin
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D1247
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