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    [project @ 2002-03-14 15:47:52 by simonmar] · b9312420
    simonmar authored
    Remove the interface file parser, and move .hi-boot parsing into the
    main parser.  The syntax of .hi-boot files is now greatly improved in
    terms of readability; here's an example:
    	module M where
    	data T
    	f :: T -> GHC.Base.Int
    note that
    	(a) layout can be used
    	(b) there's no explcit export list; everything declared
    	    is implicitly exported
    	(c) Z-encoding of names is no longer required
    	(d) Any identifier not declared in the current module must
    	    still be quailified with the module which originally
    	    defined it (eg. GHC.Base.Int above).
    We'd like to relax (d), but that will come later.
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