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    UNDO: Add -fpass-case-bndr-to-join-points · 5a336f14
    Simon Marlow authored
    rolling back:
    Fri Dec  5 10:51:59 GMT 2008  simonpj@microsoft.com
      * Add -fpass-case-bndr-to-join-points
      See Note [Passing the case binder to join points] in Simplify.lhs
      The default now is *not* to pass the case binder.  There are some
      nofib results with the above note; the effect is almost always 
      I don't expect this flag to be used by users (hence no docs). It's just
      there to let me try the performance effects of switching on and off.
        M ./compiler/main/StaticFlagParser.hs +1
        M ./compiler/main/StaticFlags.hs +4
        M ./compiler/simplCore/Simplify.lhs -14 +73
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