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    More refactoring in RnNames · 5ad61e14
    simonpj@microsoft.com authored
    I rather self-indulgently spent a chunk of yesterday working on 
    refactoring RnNames further.  The result is significantly simpler:
    * A GlobalRdrElt gets an extra field, gre_par, which records
      the parent (if any) of the name
    * ImportAvails has two fields deleted: imp_env and imp_parent.
      The information provided by these fields was only used when
      processing the export list; and the same information is now readily
      generated from the GlobalRdrElts in the GlobalRdrEnv
    I also did some tidying up; notably moving AvailEnv stuff from
    TcRnTypes to RnNames.
    The result is tha the compiler is some 130 lines shorter than before
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