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    Overhaul of infrastructure for profiling, coverage (HPC) and breakpoints · 7bb0447d
    Simon Marlow authored
    User visible changes
    Flags renamed (the old ones are still accepted for now):
      OLD            NEW
      ---------      ------------
      -auto-all      -fprof-auto
      -auto          -fprof-exported
      -caf-all       -fprof-cafs
    New flags:
      -fprof-auto              Annotates all bindings (not just top-level
                               ones) with SCCs
      -fprof-top               Annotates just top-level bindings with SCCs
      -fprof-exported          Annotates just exported bindings with SCCs
      -fprof-no-count-entries  Do not maintain entry counts when profiling
                               (can make profiled code go faster; useful with
                               heap profiling where entry counts are not used)
    Cost-centre stacks have a new semantics, which should in most cases
    result in more useful and intuitive profiles.  If you find this not to
    be the case, please let me know.  This is the area wher...