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    Source notes (Cmm support) · 7ceaf96f
    Peter Wortmann authored
    This patch adds CmmTick nodes to Cmm code. This is relatively
    straight-forward, but also not very useful, as many blocks will simply
    end up with no annotations whatosever.
    * We use this design over, say, putting ticks into the entry node of all
      blocks, as it seems to work better alongside existing optimisations.
      Now granted, the reason for this is that currently GHC's main Cmm
      optimisations seem to mainly reorganize and merge code, so this might
      change in the future.
    * We have the Cmm parser generate a few source notes as well. This is
      relatively easy to do - worst part is that it complicates the CmmParse
      implementation a bit.
    (From Phabricator D169)
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