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    [project @ 2003-08-29 16:00:25 by simonmar] · 7dc97354
    simonmar authored
    Initial x86-64 (aka amd64) support.
    Unregisterised it works perfectly.  Registerised, I think it's almost
    there, except that I seem to be running into the known codegen bug in
    GCC with register variables (bug #7871 in the gcc bugzilla), which
    means registerised support is basically hosed until the GCC folks
    can get their act together.
    We get 8 more registers on amd64, but only 2 more callee-saves
    registers.  The calling convention seems to pass args in registers by
    default, using the previously-callee-saves %rsi and %rdi as two of the
    new arg registers.
    I think GHCi should work, since we already have 64-bit ELF support
    thanks to Mat Chapman's work on the IA64 port.  I haven't tried GHCi,
    The native code generator should be a breeze, because it's so similar
    to plain x86.
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