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    [project @ 1998-12-18 17:40:31 by simonpj] · 7e602b0a
    simonpj authored
    Another big commit from Simon.  Actually, the last one
    didn't all go into the main trunk; because of a CVS glitch it
    ended up in the wrong branch.
    So this commit includes:
    * Scoped type variables
    * Warnings for unused variables should work now (they didn't before)
    * Simplifier improvements:
    	- Much better treatment of strict arguments
    	- Better treatment of bottoming Ids
    	- No need for w/w split for fns that are merely strict
    	- Fewer iterations needed, I hope
    * Less gratuitous renaming in interface files and abs C
    * OccName is a separate module, and is an abstract data type
    I think the whole Prelude and Exts libraries compile correctly.
    Something isn't quite right about typechecking existentials though.