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    [project @ 2001-12-07 17:33:26 by simonpj] · 8cc5cc27
    simonpj authored
    	More jiggling in the renamer
    I was a little hasty before.  (Thanks Sigbjorn for finding
    this.)  This commit tidies up the handling of AvailEnvs.
      * filterImports now deals completely with hiding
        (before it handed off part of the job to mkGlobalRdrEnv)
      * The AvailEnv in an ExportAvails does not have class ops and
        data constructors in its domain.  This makes plusExportAvails
        more efficient, but the main thing is that it collects things
        up right.  (Previously, if we had
    	import M( C )
    	import M( op )
        then we got an AvailEnv which had C |-> AvailTC C [C]
        (no 'op').
      * In Rename, we do need a "filled-out" version of the overall
        AvailEnv, full_avail_env, which we construct on the spot in 'rename'.