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    [project @ 2000-06-18 08:37:17 by simonpj] · 91ef36b9
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    *** MERGE WITH 4.07 ***
    * Fix the ambiguity check in TcMonotype.lhs so that
      it is not carried out for types read from interface 
      files.  Some workers may get ambiguous types but that
      does not matter, and should not make compilation fail.
      More detail in the comments with TcMonoType.tc_type_kind
      (the HsForAll case)
    * Don't create specialisations for type applications 
      where there's a matching rule.  The rule should
      clearly take precedence.  (Bug reported by Sven.)
      I havn't tested this fix.
    * Run the occurrence analyser after tidyCore, so that
      occurrence info (notably dead-var info) is correct
      for the code generators.  This should fix Erik's problem,
      but again I've not tested the fix.  The extra call 
      is in Main.lhs
    * Fix CoreToStg so that it can handle an StgLam in mkStgCase.
      This only shows up in a wierd case, documented in 
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