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    Tell the compiler about alpha, mipseb and mipsel again; fixes #7339 · 9756690f
    ian@well-typed.com authored
    This reverts the compiler parts of
        commit 7b594a5d
        Author: David Terei <davidterei@gmail.com>
        Date:   Mon Nov 21 12:05:18 2011 -0800
        Remove registerised code for dead architectures: mips, ia64, alpha,
        hppa1, m68k
    In particular, we want to know whether bewareLoadStoreAlignment should
    return True or False for them.
    It also reverts
        commit 3fc68b5c
        Author: Simon Marlow <marlowsd@gmail.com>
        Date:   Wed Jan 4 11:44:02 2012 +0000
        Remove missing archs (mipseb, mipsel, alpha) (#5734)
        It doesn't hurt to map these to ArchUnknown since we don't need to
        know anything specific about them, and adding them would be a pain
        (there are a bunch of places where we have to case-match on all the
        arches to avoid warnings).