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    Refactor UnliftedNewtypes-relation kind signature validity checks · 9bbcc3be
    Ryan Scott authored
    This fixes three infelicities related to the programs that are
    (and aren't) accepted with `UnliftedNewtypes`:
    * Enabling `UnliftedNewtypes` would permit newtypes to have return
      kind `Id Type`, which had disastrous results (i.e., GHC panics).
    * Data family declarations ending in kind `TYPE r` (for some `r`)
      weren't being accepted if `UnliftedNewtypes` wasn't enabled,
      despite the GHC proposal specifying otherwise.
    * GHC wasn't warning about programs that _would_ typecheck if
      `UnliftedNewtypes` were enabled in certain common cases.
    As part of fixing these issues, I factored out the logic for checking
    all of the various properties about data type/data family return
    kinds into a single `checkDataKindSig` function. I also cleaned up
    some of the formatting in the existing error message that gets
    Fixes #16821, fixes #16827, and fixes #16829.
Code owners : Ben Gamari
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