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    testsuite/mk/boilerplate.mk: rename 'ghc-config-mk' to 'ghc_config_mk' · aad6115a
    Alp Mestanogullari authored
    Make/shell variable names which contain dashes can cause problems under
    some conditions. The 'ghc-config-mk' variable from testsuite/mk/boilerplate.mk
    that I made overridable (by Hadrian) in ba0aed2e was working as expected when
    our Hadrian/Linux job was based off the deb8 Docker image, but broke when
    I switched the job to use our deb9-based image, in 3d97bad6. The exact
    circumstances/tool versions that trigger this problem are unknown, but
    changing the variable's name to 'ghc_config_mk' lets us work around the issue.
    This fixes the annth_compunits and annth_make test failures that showed up
    when we switched the Hadrian/Linux job to use the deb9 environment.
Code owners : Ben Gamari
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