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    [project @ 2002-12-12 17:36:16 by simonmar] · b3016a12
    simonmar authored
    A modification to the way we build link lines.
    Currently the link line is constructed like this, for packages p1, p2 etc.:
      libraries p1 ++ extra_libs p1 ++
      libraries p2 ++ extra_libs p2 ++
      extra_ld_opts p1 ++
      extra_ld_opts p2 ++
    This change makes it follow this pattern:
      libraries p1 ++ extra_libs p1 ++ extra_ld_opts p1 ++
      libraries p2 ++ extra_libs p2 ++ extra_ld_opts p2 ++
    which seems more useful: in particular it means that using foo-config
    (eg. gtk-config) to populate extra_ld_opts should now work properly,
    and extra_libs is no longer strictly speaking needed (you can just use
    -l options in extra_ld_opts and get the same effect).
      - There's now no difference between -l<lib> and -optl-l<lib>
      - GHCi grabs libs from extra_ld_opts as well as extra_libs
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