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    [project @ 2001-07-14 00:06:13 by sof] · ba312921
    sof authored
    Heal HEID
    - eqForeignObjZh in include/PrimOps.h didn't have quite the right
      shape (the result is a macro arg). hslibs/lang/ForeignObj
      wasn't up on the change to eqForeignObj now being a primop.
    - recent ghc/compiler/deSugar/ changes broke the handling of
      CCall & FFI decls quite a bit. Backed out most the rewrites
      of Type.splitFoo to TcType.tcSplitFoo (i.e., now back to using
      The backed-out newtype-related changes were by no means accidental.
      But, I don't profess to understand their intention to make the
      proper fix, so my change is just a stop-gap measure to get HEAD
      back to the land of the living.
    - recent changes to the behaviour of 'hiding' & qualified names
      broke hslibs/lang/CString hslibs/data/edison/Seq/ListSeq,
      hslibs/data/edison/Coll/TestOrdBag, hslibs/data/edison/Coll/UnbalancedSet,
      hslibs/data/edison/Coll/TestOrdSet, hslibs/data/edison/Seq/TestSeq
    - rename 64-bit 'primop' funs that now live in lib/std/cbits/longlong.c
      back to what they used to be called (i.e., prefixed with "stg_").
         - less likely they'll clash with other (user supplied) entry points
           at link-time.
         - matches protos in ghc/includes/PrimOp.h