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    Simplify AbsBinds wrapping · c6485d5e
    Simon Peyton Jones authored
    In poking Trac #11414 I found myself sinking into the abe_inst_wrap
    swamp.  What is this strange thing?  (It turned out that #11414 was
    breaking because of it.)
    Thrillingly, I found a way to sweep it away again, putting the deep
    instantation into tcMonoBinds instead of mkExport; and it turned out
    that the fun_co_fn field of FunBind was already there ready to receive
    exactly this wrapper. Hooray.  Result
    * Death to abe_inst_wrap
    * Death to mbi_orig
    * Death to the plumbing in tcPolyInfer that did the
      deep instantiation
    I did find that I had to re-engineer the treatment of instance type
    signatures (again), but the result looks more modular and robust to
    And #11414 is fixed.
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