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    [project @ 1999-08-25 16:11:43 by simonmar] · c6ab4bfa
    simonmar authored
    Support for thread{WaitRead,WaitWrite,Delay}.  These should behave
    identically to the 3.02 implementations.
    We now have the virtual timer on during all program runs, which ticks
    at 50Hz by default.  This is used to implement threadDelay, so you
    won't get any better granularity than the tick frequency
    unfortunately.  It remains to be seen whether using the virtual timer
    will have a measurable impact on performance for non-threadDelaying
    All operations in the I/O subsystem should now be non-blocking with
    respect to other running Haskell threads.  It remains to be seen
    whether this will have a measurable performance impact on
    non-concurrent programs (probably not).