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    [project @ 2001-09-07 13:00:51 by rrt] · c9cb517c
    rrt authored
    Test-suite titivation
    This commit achieves several glorious goals and adds many frivolous
        * Makes the test driver work on Windows (use bash for system calls)
        * Adds -Di386_unknown_mingw32 to CPP_OPTS so that Win-specific code is
          compiled properly
        * Adds the ability to have platform-specific test results (by setting
          the new $platform variable to config.mk's TARGETPLATFORM)
        * Fixes several tests to work on Windows, mostly by adding platform-
          specific result files.
        * Pipes all stderr files through normalise_errmsg, which itself is
          improved to handle .exe at the end of filenames, and backslashes.
        * Allows stdout output to be piped through normalise_errmsg; useful in
          the rare cases where output includes filenames.
        * Comprehensively breaks the testsuite on all other platforms (with any
        * Splundig vur thrig, earthlets!
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