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    Haskell Program Coverage · d5934bbb
    AndyGill authored
    This large checkin is the new ghc version of Haskell
    Program Coverage, an expression-level coverage tool for Haskell.
     - Hpc.[ch] - small runtime support for Hpc; reading/writing *.tix files.
     - Coverage.lhs - Annotates the HsSyn with coverage tickboxes.
      - New Note's in Core,
          - TickBox      -- ticked on entry to sub-expression
          - BinaryTickBox  -- ticked on exit to sub-expression, depending
    	       	     -- on the boolean result.
      - New Stg level TickBox (no BinaryTickBoxes, though) 
    You can run the coverage tool with -fhpc at compile time. 
    Main must be compiled with -fhpc.