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    [project @ 2002-01-30 17:16:36 by simonpj] · dd214d28
    simonpj authored
    	Tidy up the top level of TcModule
    This commit started life as sorting out the TcInstDcls thing that
    we got wrong a few weeks back, but it spiraled out of control.
    However, the result is a nice tidy up of TcModule.
    typecheckModule/tcModule compiles a module from source code
    typecheckIface/tcIface   compiles a module from its interface file
    typecheckStmt		 compiles a Stmt
    typecheckExpr		 compiles a Expr
    tcExtraDecls is used by typecheckStmt/typecheckExpr
    	to compile interface-file decls.
    	It is just a wrapper for:
    tcIfaceImports, which is used by tcExtraDecls and tcIface
    	to compile interface file-file decls.
    tcImports, is similar to tcIfaceImports, but is used only by tcModule
    tcIfaceImports is used when compiling an interface, and can
    	therefore be quite a bit simpler
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