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    [project @ 2000-03-31 03:09:35 by hwloidl] · dd4c28a9
    hwloidl authored
    Numerous changes in the RTS to get GUM-4.06 working (currently works with
    parfib-ish programs). Most changes are isolated in the rts/parallel dir.
      The most important changes are a rewrite of the (un-)packing code (Pack.c)
      and changes in LAGA, GALA table operations (Global.c) expecially in
      rebuilding the tables during GC.
      Minor changes in Schedule.c, GC.c (interface to par specific root marking
      and evacuation), and lots of additions to Sanity.c (surprise ;-)
      Main.c change for startup: I use a new function rts_evalNothing to
      start non-main-PEs in a PAR || SMP setup (RtsAPI.c)
      Updated GranSim macros in PrimOps.h.
      Few changes in PrelHandle.c etc replacing ForeignObj by Addr in a PAR
      setup (we still don't support ForeignObjs or WeakPtrs in GUM).
      Typically use
        #define FILE_OBJECT	    Addr
      when dealing with files.
      Same as above (in Foreign(Obj).lhs, Weak.lhs, IOExts.lhs etc).
    -- HWL