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    [project @ 2002-05-15 08:59:58 by chak] · de1d4a16
    chak authored
    * Added the options `-ffi' and `-fffi', which switch on FFI support
      (`-fglasgow-exts' implies `-fffi').
      NB: Strictly speaking `-fffi' is the correct name; however, `-ffi' is
          supported as an alternative spelling.
    * `-fglasgow-exts' no longer enables the `with' keyword for implicit
      parameters.  To use `with' as a keyword, the additional option `-fwith' has
      to be supplied.  (Note that SimonM recently enabled the use of `let' instead
      of `with'.)
      NB: This might prompt some makefile tweaks in libraries or regression tests.
    * Renamed `Foreign.Marshal.Utils.withObject' to `Foreign.Marshal.Utils.with'
      as required by the FFI Addendum.  (The old name is still available, but
      marked as deprecated.)
    * Added `realloc' to `Foreign.Marshal.Alloc' (tracking RC4 of the FFI
    * Added `-ffi', `-fffi', and `-fwith' to the flag reference and the section
      describing options for Glasgow extensions
    * Removed most of the FFI section in the User's Guide in favour of a reference
      to the Addendum plus a brief description of additional features supported by
      NB: The old material is still available at fptools/docs/, I merely removed
      the reference in the User's Guide.