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    [project @ 1998-10-21 11:28:00 by sof] · e88bfcee
    sof authored
    - added primops for read&writing StablePtrs to ByteArrays, Adds and FOs
    - egcs crashes in odd ways when encountering the typedefs we need to
      produce when compiling 'foreign import dynamic's. To workaround the
      problem, kludgily add a CCallTypedef constructor to AbsCSyn.AbstractC
      which the flattener will produce (at the toplevel) when encountering
      CCallOps inside COptStmts.
    - augmented PrimOp.CCallOp to carry a unique when it represents a
      'foreign import dynamic' call. The CoreToStg pass ensures that these
      uniques are exactly that. They're used to eventuall generate (unique)
      typedef names.