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    tests for :browse!, :{:}, :set, :show languages/packages · efb6ce6e
    claus.reinke@talk21.com authored
    these tests validate on win/xp.
      - if any issues with dos-style line-endings remain,
        please apply dos2unix for now, and let me know
      - ghci024 has ghci024.py instead of ghci024.stdout;
        the prepare024 function defined in there generates
        a platform- and version-specific ghci024.stdout
        for the test (see all.T)
      - ghci025 uses the (non-advertised) new -s option
        to get sorted :browse output for stable tests
        (to work around #1799). if this isn't sufficient,
        please set normal to ignore_output in all.T for
        now (until #1799 is fixed), and let me know
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