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    rts: retainer: Generalise per-stackElement data · f79ac2ef
    Daniel Gröber (dxld) authored
    This essentially ammounts to s/retainer/stackData/, s/c_child_r/data/ and
    some temporary casting of c_child_r to stackData until refactoring of this
    module is completed by a subsequent commit. We also introduce a new union
    'stackData' which will contain the actual extra data to be stored on the
    The idea is to make the heap traversal logic of the retainer profiler ready
    for extraction into it's own module. So talking about "retainers" there
    doesn't really make sense anymore.
    Essentially the "retainers" we store in the stack are just data associated
    with the push()ed closures which we return when pop()ing it.
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