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    rts: retainer: Remove traverse-stack chunk support · f9b4c4f2
    Daniel Gröber (dxld) authored
    There's simply no need anymore for this whole business. Instead of
    individually traversing roots in retainRoot() we just push them all onto
    the stack and traverse everything in one go.
    This feature was not really used anyways. There is an
    `ASSERT(isEmptyWorkStack(ts))` at the top of retainRoot() which means there
    really can't ever have been any chunks at the toplevel.
    The only place where this was probably used is in traversePushStack but
    only way back when we were still using explicit recursion on the
    C callstack.
    Since the code was changed to use an explicit traversal-stack these
    stack-chunks can never escape one call to traversePushStack anymore.  See
    commit 5f1d949a ("Remove explicit recursion in retainer profiling")
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