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    Compute Severity of diagnostics at birth · 15b6c9f9
    Alfredo Di Napoli authored
    This commit further expand on the design for #18516 by getting rid of
    the `defaultReasonSeverity` in favour of a function called
    `diagReasonSeverity` which correctly takes the `DynFlags` as input. The
    idea is to compute the `Severity` and the `DiagnosticReason` of each
    message "at birth", without doing any later re-classifications, which
    are potentially error prone, as the `DynFlags` might evolve during the
    course of the program.
    In preparation for a proper refactoring, now `pprWarning` from the
    Parser.Ppr module has been renamed to `mkParserWarn`, which now takes a
    `DynFlags` as input.
    We also get rid of the reclassification we were performing inside `printOrThrowWarnings`.
    Last but not least, this commit removes the need for reclassify inside GHC.Tc.Errors,
    and also simplifies the implementation of `maybeReportError`.
    Update Haddock submodule
Code owners : Ben Gamari
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