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    hadrian: Fix flavour compiler stage options off-by-one error · 7c813d06
    Alexis King authored and Marge Bot's avatar Marge Bot committed
    !9193 pointed out that ghcDebugAssertions was supposed to be a predicate
    on the stage of the built compiler, but in practice it was a predicate
    on the stage of the compiler used to build. Unfortunately, while it
    fixed that issue for ghcDebugAssertions, it documented every other
    similar option as behaving the same way when in fact they all used the
    old behavior.
    The new behavior of ghcDebugAssertions seems more intuitive, so this
    commit changes the interpretation of every other option to match. It
    also improves the enableProfiledGhc and debugGhc flavour transformers by
    making them more selective about which stages in which they build
    additional library/RTS ways.